Fireworks and nature ambience

Fireworks and nature ambience.

Bells at a Taipei Temple

Firecrackers In Taipei

Firecrackers in Taipei during February of 1989. 

Interview cut with Ma

  A short interview recently found in the Taiwan tapes. 

Mei Mei Music by Dave Paschke

  Original music composed by Dave Paschke of Soundprint. 

Rong Shing Children’s Choir-Folk Song

Dmae recorded the children’s choir in Taipei in 1978.

Rong Shing Children’s Choir-Train Song

Rong Shing Childrens Choir – Choral 1

Rong Shing ChildrensChoir – Choral 2

Rong Shing Childrens Choir – Choral 4

Street ambience in marketplace

Temple outside ambience

Woman sings Ami Tofo

A woman comes to the mic and sings a Buddhist chant at a temple.

Quiet street Taipei Taiwan 2

Quiet street Taipei Taiwan 3